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Public Input Process

Construction to create a revitalized Historic Fort Snelling begins soon, and our vision is to provide a place to learn, share, and connect to all of the complex stories that shape our history in Minnesota.

The stories shared at this important place, which is known as Bdote in the Dakota language, include multiple eras and perspectives — enabling more Minnesotans to see their own history reflected there. These include expanded stories of soldiers, veterans and their families, enslaved and free African Americans, Japanese Americans, Dakota tribes and other Native Americans who have lived in the area for 10,000 years.

While the name of the 1820s fort will remain Fort Snelling, MNHS wants to know: what do you think the 23-acre historic site (see map) should be called? Tell us what you think in this brief survey, now through November 15. Your response is anonymous.

Thank you for your input. If you have questions about the survey or the Public Input Process, you may contact MNHS at
Tell us your thoughts about the name. 
Tell us about yourself. We want to hear from a range of people across the state. 
4. When was the last time you visited this historic site? 
5. What is your connection to the site? Please check ALL that apply. 


6. What is your gender? 
7. What is your age range? 
8. Which one or more of the following describes you? Please check ALL that apply.